WAN: USB disconnected (WAN failed PING test) on Pepwave Surf SOHO

Hi, I just last night replaced my unreliable Verizon MBR1515 router with the Pepwave Surf SOHO, connected with the Pantech UML290 modem. The router broadcast range is much better than the 1515 and the user interface is great but I am still experiencing disconnects that I got with the 1515. Which is the main reason why I switched to the SOHO, the 1515 has the worst support and software is horrible. Anyways, I enabled SmartCheck to keep the modem constantly connected. So I woke up this morning and wanted to see how it did throughout the night so I went to the event log and found out that its been disconnecting and reconnecting ever couple hours or so and even sometimes a few minutes apart. The event log states WAN: USB disconnected (WAN failed PING test). So I then go and see if the SmartCheck is still enabled and it was set for PING. Perhaps I didn’t save the setting correctly last night. So I set it back to SmartCheck and “saved and apply” but it doesn’t require me to confirm changed on the top of the admin page like I need to when I changed a couple other things. Shouldn’t I use SmartCheck for the USB modem and why didn’t it save? If anyone has any other suggestion or advice I would appreciate it.

You need to click the “Save and Apply” button at the Connection Details page itself.