WAN to LAN Source NAT for MAX Routers

How about WAN to LAN Source NAT? Attached Source NAT with Digi Transport.pdf (154 KB) is a sample application and how it is addressed by another vendor. We’ve also done similar by adding a small firewall appliance behind the cellular gateway to perform WAN to LAN Source NAT but many customers can’t tolerate the expense of a second appliance in addition to the cellular gateway.

To be clear, the attached only speaks about the need for this function when the LAN device has a configured default gateway that cannot change; however it occurs just as often that the device has NO default gateway configured and having one added requires a full download which a sensitive industrial process cannot tolerate. In these applications, it is extremely powerful to be able to drop in a solution which requires no modification to the existing system.

I believe you currently have “NAT Mappings” functionality in the Balance products and not MAX routers, but even this appears to be LAN to WAN Source NAT. I am hoping to get WAN to LAN Source NAT on all platforms but especially MAX routers. This should be applicable for L2TP Remote Access users or connections coming in via Port Forwarding, just provide flexibility on rule configuration to say for example:

WAN IP / WAN network/CIDR
VPN remote user etc.

LAN host IP or LAN network/CIDR

NAT to:
Peplink LAN IP (or secondary IPs that have been added to Peplink LAN interface although this doesn’t seem possible yet either)

Interested to hear your feedback.


Based on the diagram, I believe PPTP or L2TP can solve your problem.

Anyway your request is make sense. We will look into this.

Just to be clear, this is also for non-VPN WAN to LAN traffic…it should also be available for just WAN to LAN traffic coming into the LAN via port forwarding.


This is well noted.

I know this is from many years ago, but it seems this functionality is not yet available, or I don’t know where to look for it. Can anyone confirm if there is a solution to this problem?