Wan Smoothing Bandwidth?

Might be a silly question but in a 2 Wan setup is Wan smoothing limited to the bandwidth of the slowest connection or do you just lose the resilience once you exceed the bandwidth of the 2nd wan?

At the moment my WAN’s are of similar speed and don’t usually tend to be lossy so I haven’t used it, but one of the VDSL lines is likely to be replaced with starlink soon which should have much higher bandwidth but potentially a lot less reliable.

WAN smoothing is a latency optimizer, but a bandwidth wasting. Redundant packets are transmitted over both of your uplinks - the fastest one at the endpoint will be used, the other is garbage. So if you have bandwith more than enough WAN smothing is your friend. If you need the aggregation of both WANs to fulfil your needs go for Forward Error Connection to optimize latency for one direction. If you are close to the saturation of a single WAN your latency will increase anyhow and WAN Smoothing will not be helpful.