Wan Quality expansion

I now have the version 8 firmware , and looked at the “Wan Quality” connection “report”.
It is interesting for getting current data, but nothing is there so we can validate long term jitter or latency.

Is there any plans to expand this fonctionnality so we can get data a little bit like the Daily or Monthly Usage reports?



+1 with the ability to monitor specific traffic types and how jitter latency and packet loss have affected just that traffic (ie VoIP or citrix) so not WAN specific (particularly because we’ll send VoIP over VPN). .


One more +1

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Would be very handy to have the ability to graph / log wan quality including jitter, latency, and packet loss over time.

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Would be great!

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Couldn’t agree more. Here is what I’d like to see…

  1. Put all WAN sources on the same chart so I an compare latency over time
  2. Allow daily and monthly data analysis (maybe a daily box/whiskers chart for an entire month)
  3. Fix the scale. A scale with only one numerical designation is meaningless.