WAN port as LAN on MAX BR1 Mini with WiFi WAN License


On a PepwaveMAX BR1 Mini LTE with the WiFi WAN license.
WiFi WAN functions properly
The WAN port is configured in Network>LAN to be a LAN port.
I try to use the WAN port as LAN, although it is configured it does not connect.
FW 8.12 Build 5054

I try to use the WAN as LAN because of I intend to use the PoE which is only available on the WAN port.


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Hi @pbu,

Did you ever solve this? Iā€™m now experiencing the exact same issue.


@pbu, @rvcoders, we have a customer who reported a similar issue and it seems this special build (fw8.1.2s058) should able to fix it.

Do let us know the outcome after you have loaded this special firmware. :wink:

Saulius Saltmeris from Peplink responded to me with a downgrade to 8.1.1s033 which works fine for me now.
He promised to come back to me with a fixed 8.1.2 version.


The firmware download link (fw8.1.2s058) given by @WeiMing is thebfixes for 8.1.2 version . Please upgrade the device using the firmware and let us know if you still see the issue.

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