WAN Port Activation License for Balance 20x?

So, I know it’s possible to buy Activation code in order to get 3rd WAN working on the Balance 20, but is there any plans to sell activation code for the Balance 20X because you only have just one Ethernet WAN by default. And I really think 20x is the powerful product than the 20 so it wouldnt be a bad idea that have that option!


Agree it needs at least 1-2 more WAN ethernet ports, or a new beefier version should be offered. Use case: I have many folks that have a physical connection such as cable internet or ethernet from a fiber connection and they also want starlink or a 2nd ISP for backup. Some even want to be able to use a remote WiFi WAN on top of that which would need another port.


If it is a low bandwidth link remember you can use a USB-Ethernet dongle as an option, not ideal and capped to 100Mbps but it might be worth considering. Speculation but I do wonder if this limitation on the 20X is more on the hardware side of how the switchports are connected to the router internally.

An ethernet port module for the 20X would also have been nice to see, but again you have limitations of the bandwidth that the slot can handle (as an aside this is why I can’t see the point of a 5G module whatsoever for the 20X vs a much lower priced Cat12 LTE).

Peplink’s sales model and costs to me has always been tied around the number of WAN interfaces, (especially built in cellular ones - consider the premium of something like the MBX Mini vs buying a 310X and 2x BR1 Pro 5G!) and the PepVPN throughput.

The 20X as it stands I think sits quite well in the current range as a good entry level device so to me what is currently missing is a product (especially one offered with Primecare) that bridges the gap between something like the 20X and the jump up to a 310X or 380X.

The Balance 2 would almost fit this slot, but it gets expensive when you add on SF bonding licences and support contracts that makes the pricing and significant performance jump of the 310X a lot more attractive to most of our customers for example.

Agree its needed as an option on this unit, it will be a no brainer to use it in many more circumstances if it has this option, it already has the VDSL flexmodule option but the ability to connect in a 2nd Ethernet presented fixed line is definitely worthwhile on this and the 310 5G model.

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Both of those have a USB port, both can technically accept a 2nd ethernet wan via a USB-Ethernet dongle, although as previously mentioned capped to 100Mbps. We do this for a number of customers just fine for low bandwidth second WANs and given the PepVPN on the 20X tops out at around 100Mbps it normally works fine.

To be honest, what this and similar posts are asking for mostly already exists in the form of the Balance 30 LTE/Pro, so perhaps we may see an updated version of that, with an option for Primecare would I think be the next logical step… a Balance 30X :slight_smile:

However, something with 2 proper onboard ethernet WANs, a built in CAT6 or CAT12 LTE modem and a modern CPU from Peplink’s perspective would have to be positioned carefully in terms of performance and price else it would be competing very closely with the 310X…

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How about the BPL-021X-LC-VWAN? It says “Balance 20X Virtual WAN Activation License”. Anyone know what that is for?

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Its an as yet unreleased feature activation to enable a 2nd WAN on the B20X. No details yet. It’s expected in the next couple of weeks…


Any update on 2nd wan?

More info about “Balance 20X Virtual WAN Activation License” can be found in FAQ: