Wan port 2 not working please help


Hi peplink we have peplink balance 710 but unfortunately wan 2 is not working anymore all other wan ports are working fine except wan port 2 . We are using 710 for almost 1 year but the problem just occurred now, We have upgraded firmware from 6.2.0 to 6.3.3 but still no used what do you think is the problem?



Please open a support ticket here for support team to further check. If this is related to port faulty & hardware warranty is active for the device, support team will approve RMA for the device.

Thank You


unfortunately the warranty already expires what should we do regarding this sitloongs?



We also offer out of warranty service for out of warranty device that having the hardware issue. Please open a support here and support team will guide you through on that.

Thank You


okay thanks sitloongs