Do any of the products support WAN PoE (802.3at)

So far seems to be all PoE for LAN ports.


SDX / SDX Pro can use the 8x GE PoE Module (EXM-8C) which each can be set as LAN or WAN with POE.

@Paul_Y : @MartinLangmaid is right, of course. But, can you clarify exactly what you want to do and what you mean by “support?” Do you want a router than can furnish POE from a WAN port or do you want to power the router itself?

Device Connector IP55 needs PoE. When using for Wifi as WAN, needs powering somehow. Would be convenient to power from routers.

OK, I see. Usually we use something like this or this to send power to devices that need 12VDC. We often use MAX BR1s as WANs for Balance routers, for example, and this is often the way we often power them. This allows us to put the BR1s (and, in your case the Device Connector) where it needs to be rather than where the source of power is.

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Peplink Device Connector has no DC input. 802.3at only.
Injector is no problem, but it’s more cables, kit, needs 52v supply etc