WAN Modem Web Admin GUI Access

I have looked thru the forum topics and have not found anything that provided a solution. Maybe due to the new firmware version. I am using a Max HD2 running firmware 7.1.2.

When I first installed and began using the HD2, I was able to access the web GUIs of each of my WAN ISP modems. Currently, I am not able to do so. I did not change any settings in the router since the last time I was able to access the web GUIs. So, I am not sure what is wrong.

I have tried to use Outbound Policy rules to enforce the route to the modems gateway IP address on each WAN. That has not resolved the issue. Maybe I do not have the rule criteria correct. For example, the rule for WAN 1’s modem is:

Source: Any
Protocol: Any
Algorithm: Enforced
Enforced Connection: WAN 1

The LAN IP range for the Peplink is which is different from all other WAN addresses. The other WAN address is just for info.

Please let me know what else to try.

Hi, have you enabled under the system tab “web admin access” LAN / WAN ?

Do you have a static nat on your isp router , for ip of WAN HD2 to your pubblic ip ?

I think the Web Admin Access setting is only for accessing the Peplink’s web admin, is it not? I will try that setting to see if it helps.

I am not sure that I understand your second suggestion. Can you elaborate on what you meant by a static NAT on the ISP router?

Again, I am trying to access the Web Admin GUI for the ISP modems from inside the LAN of the Peplink MAX HD2.

I’m curious: Can you ping the LAN/non-routable address of the modem from behind the Peplink router? (And, yes, your outbound policy appears to be correct, from what I can tell.)

I can successfully PING the ISP modem from the Peplink PING tool in the router. However, PING from a computer on the LAN is unsuccessful.

This all looks correct, but simply as a confirmation from a system that works:


  • Satellite modem, its LAN connected to WAN 1 of an HD2
  • HD2, WAN 1 to the modem has been assigned the IP address with gateway address
  • Satellite modem management interfaces are on and
  • HD2 LAN is

Connections from the HD2 LAN to (WAN 1) are taken care of by the default routing.

Connections from the HD2 LAN to are taken care of by en enforced outbound rule:

Any device on the LAN can ping, connect using a web browser, etc.



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Hello @CaptKB ,
If you are attempting to access the WAN from a remote location, can you verify that your modem’s public facing IP has not changed?
In @zegor_mjol’s example IPs, they are all private network IPs shown so they are not accessible from outside the local network. It is possible that your ISP is also NATing IP connection.

Respecting that there are differing views on using cloud management, have you considered using Peplink’s InControl2 to recover remote management access to your device(s), if the device(s) are covered within warranty the InControl2 is available complementary.

In Australia we have a lot of customer on Satellite & cellular/mobile who do not have public facing IPs, InControl2 is perfect for securely monitoring & managing these clients systems for them.

We suggest that you contact your local Authorised Peplink Partner for specialised assistance.

Your local Certified Peplink Partner can help you with all of this.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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A basic question about your goals: Are you trying to access your ISP modems (the satellite modem in my example) from your local network (my example) or from the internet (asimula’s example)? And we are talking about accessing your ISP modem, not about accessing the peplink router web admin?

If the former then using an outbound rule as exemplified earlier should work. If the latter, and your ISP modem does not have a public IP address (as suggested by mldowling), then one way to gain access is (1) gain access to your HD2 LAN, and then (2) proceed as in my example. For (1) you may gain access by means of a PepVPN link to your HD2.

If what you are asking for is access to the Web GUI of your HD2 and the IP address is not public (or is dynamic and you are not using one of the dynamic IP address DNS systems), then InControl2 is your friend, or alternatively a FusionHub instance accessible through a fixed IP address which connects to the HD2 using a pepVPN connection.

But in any case - I must admit to being somewhat unclear regarding your problem statement (as you can see from the above).


To clarify again as mentioned in my original post, I am only trying to access the ISP’s modem admin from within the Peplink LAN. I already have many provisions to access the Peplink router web admin both locally and remotely using InControl2 as well as several other methods.

I will review several of the suggestions to see how they apply to the given situation.

Hello @CaptKB,
Would something like the feature “Network Management IP Address” be useful to you?

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: