WAN Link Support Jumbo Frame MTU

HI All,

I look for jumbo frame option on balancer unit. On LAN port jumbo frame can be enable on Balance 380 and above.
Our customer want to test jumbo frame tunnel. Is this possible ?..

LAN Jumbo Frame :

On WAN section there is information that MTU can be greater than 1500 :

But if I try to set above 1500 it show that it not support above 1500.

Is there a way to set this WAN mtu ?..

we need this feature since our link is private connection.

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Device models that support Jumbo frame LAN, should be capable to support Jumbo Frame for the WAN. Engineering team will further consider for the request.

May I know the urgency ? Please open a ticket here and we can further discuss what we can help for your setup.


Thank you for your reply.

Our customer want to deploy on the private network that use jumbo frame. Their main connection run on L3, but some of their service and VSAT(High-Speed Trunking and Broadcast Modem) use jumbo frame because they use it as Cellular Backhaul.


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