WAN Link does'nt work well


I have a third WAN Link that didn’t work well on the Peplink Balance 710. The third line WAN does not offer the speed of the line with Peplink, when tested alone it is fast and it offers more bandwidth for downloading, but when I force myself to go through It through Peplink, It has not the same behavior and the download time is being slower. I have another line of the same ISP and works fine. the configuration is the same for both lines and the wiring is good.
Do you know what could be the problem?



  1. This is your physical connectivity?
    User —> B710 (WAN3) —> modem —> Internet

  2. Have you tested with www.speedtest.net? Can you share what is the bandwidth and latency you got for WAN3 in 2 scenarios below?

  • User —> modem —> Internet
  • User —> B710 (WAN3) —> modem —> Internet