WAN link disconnects

Device Event logs is full of:

WAN : WAN1 disconnected (no cable detected)

Same for WAN2 and it’s every minute

I have tried different settings for health checks - but nothing…

[4 WAN links in use]

Hi Coops99,

There could be several reasons for this error message.
First of all check the WAN connections, are they stable?
If the WAN connections are stable, check the cabling.
If the cabling is fine there could be a problem with the WAN Port negotiation speeds.
If you log a ticket with the support team, we’ll help you find out what is wrong.

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Issue was WAN speeds - resolved by support


upload and download bandwidth to real values from each ADSL link
Physical connection speed to 100mbs

No more disconnects!

Who network more responsive as it was causing packet loss on LAN side too