WAN/LAN Ports not reading cables


My Balance 380 has stopped responding, and we noticed that the GUI has told us that, LAN ports 1,2, an 3. WAN Port 1 have no indicator lights, and WAN2 and WAN3, do light up, but the GUI is diplaying “No Cable Connected” even thought we can clearly point to the GUI from the IP address. We go throught the Set up wizard to try and reprogramming to point to our modems Static IP address, but it just spins and displays no cable detected. Could someone please advise what we should do next, I opened up a ticket but no one has responded.

Suggestion: Post your ticket number here.

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#20070368 - thanks Rick-DC

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@kylecassandra, sorry for late reply. I have passed a message to the team to follow up with you since we are in the different timezone. By the way, LAN1, LAN2, LAN3, and all WANs still not respoding now? Based on the log on 16 July 2020, the Balance 380 has assigned IPs to the LAN clients as below:

Jul 16 18:08:22 vpnfusionhub1 [udhcpd] DHCP Server: 10.x.x.1 assigned to xx:xx:xx:28:9a:a2, lease time 86400
Jul 16 18:09:11 vpnfusionhub1 [udhcpd] DHCP Server: 10.x.x.1 assigned 10.x.x.106 to xx:xx:xx:6b:af:aa, lease time 86400
Jul 16 18:09:17 vpnfusionhub1 [udhcpd] DHCP Server: 10.x.x.1 assigned 10.x.x.107 to xx:xx:xx:34:60:ed, lease time 86400
Jul 16 18:10:52 vpnfusionhub1 [udhcpd] DHCP Server: 10.x.x.1 assigned 10.x.x.111 to xx:xx:xx:d2:e7:fd, lease time 86400
Jul 16 18:12:15 vpnfusionhub1 [udhcpd] DHCP Server: 10.x.x.1 assigned 10.x.x.104 to xx:xx:xx:28:9a:a2, lease time 86400
Jul 16 18:12:48 vpnfusionhub1 [udhcpd] DHCP Server: 10.x.x.1 assigned 10.x.x.112 to xx:xx:xx:d1:2d:0a, lease time 86400
Jul 16 18:13:11 vpnfusionhub1 [Admin] Admin: admin (10.x.x.112) login successful
Jul 16 18:16:15 vpnfusionhub1 [udhcpd] DHCP Server: 10.x.x.1 assigned 10.x.x.104 to xx:xx:xx:28:9a:a2, lease time 86400

I do agree there is something wrong on the WAN ports based on the provided Diagnostic Report. Please reset to the factory default settings via the LCD panel (Maintenance > Factory Defaults) to confirm it helps. No worry on the config, it is available from the provided Diagnostic Report. I will send to you via the ticket. If factory reset doesn’t help, we need to proceed RMA.


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Hi TK_Liew,

Just want to clarify, in an effort to get us back online, we bought a Balance 20 on Amazon, to temporary get the main office up to connect to one of our remotes that was pretty mission critical. In order not to have the IP address confused, we took the malfunctioning Balance 380 offsite, and began to plug it in there. The IPs assignments you are seeing for 7-16 was the first time we plugged it in and hooked it up to our modem at the backup site. Yes, as you can see, the ports see other things on the network and does assign them IP, that has always happened, but it will not configure the any of the WAN ports to point to the internet, and displays “No Cable Detected” on all ports. But as you noted, I can access the GUI on the network, and it appears to be able to read other things on the network, it just will not finish the connection wizard process in pointing the WAN to the internet, it just gives me the “No Cable Detected” message. I will try the factory reset today and report back. Thank you

After doing the suggested Factory Reset - now, nothing will respond, I cannot get to the GUI from any port, including Console port. With both Factory IP, and Changed IP. The Display says green and ready, but there is “No Cable Connected” and the indicators lights are just solid, doesnt look like traffic is moving through.

Hello @kylecassandra,
Where in the world are you? I would recommend you reach out to your local Authorised Peplink Reseller
They may have someone local that can help get you back online. Please be prepared that if they did not supply you with the Peplink Router you will have to pay for their professional services and time.
If you share where you are, then your local partner may be watching and able to get you running the quickest. You can also PM (Private Message) Peplink Partner who is active in the forum to seek their assistance.

Here is a way that you can prepare for a Certified Peplink Engineer to remotely support you.

Have onhand:

  • Authentication details required for the WAN ports if these need PPPoE or the IP details from the ISP if these need to be Staticly assigned.
  • Mobile phone that you can tether with on a cable to your local computer (i.e. a USB cable, not Wi-Fi)
  • Local computer that has an ethernet port or an ethernet Dongle (required for lots of newer computers)
  • Install either of these two web browsers, Google Chrome or Firefox
  • Have TeamViewer or LogMeIn remote support platform that you can share with a trusted support technician (we prefer TeamViewer)

Now prepare for remote support:

  • Disconnect all cables from the Peplink router
  • Connect tethering mobile via cable to local computer (via USB cable, not Wi-Fi), ensure you are able to get online by browsing a few websites
  • Launch the remote access software (such as TeamViewer) and check that it is working
  • Keeping the computer tethered, connect the computer via ethernet cable to LAN#1 (not the WANs) of the Peplink router (leaving all other cables disconnected) then check again that you still have internet access
  • Open the installed web browser from above and go to either of these two URLs: (default for most Peplink when factory default) (default for most Pepwave when factory default)
  • If you can not get to either of the URLs, attempt another factory resent, wait 3 minutes and then attempt to connect again.

At this point, your system is now ready for a Peplink Partner to connect remotely with you and work on the router to get you online.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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