WAN l2tp connection in Russia

Hello! We prchased Balance 210 and there is a problem, that the most popular internet provider in Russia offers his internet connection via l2tp.

So, we can’t connect the Peplink product to internet, which we use) Do you have a suggestions?

Here is a foto from another router about connection config!

Thank you!

Hello Slava, we currently do not support L2TP as a WAN connection method, this is very uncommon.

You would need to place a router or modem in front of the Balance 310 that can terminate the L2TP connection and then feed the Ethernet cable in to a WAN port on the Balance. You should be able to contact the ISP and acquire the proper modem.

So, I’ve done, that you said! Now i can connect to the internet. But, the main aim of mine is speedfusion with max on the go on the other side.
To connect them each other i should fill the ip adress in maxonthego router like this?: - my ip in internet - the adress of the peplink balance in my network

  • its ID.
    Am I right?

Hi Slava,
My understanding of your requirement would be:
Site A - Balance
WAN IP: (Private IP)

Site B - MAX On-The-Go
WAN IP: (Public IP)

The SpeedFusion settings should be as below:
A - Balance

  • Profile Name - xxx (Balance ID)
  • Remote ID - yyy (MAX OTG ID)
  • Remote Host/IP - (MAX OTG Public IP)


  • Profile Name - xxx (MAX OTG ID)
  • Remote ID - yyy (Balance ID)
  • Remote Host/IP - “leave it blank” (Let the Balance initiate the SF VPN connection)

The Remote Host/IP should be filled with Public IP (or DDNS), if you put in Private IP, it won’t work.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for helping, but the right configuration is:
Site A - Balance
WAN IP: (Private IP) (Public IP)
The balance 210 connected to another router in my network, as it was adviced earlier in the topic. It is made to connect it to internet

Site B - MAX On-The-Go
WAN IP: Dynamic IP from 4g lte internet connections

How to connect them using this configuration?

Thank you!

Hi Slava, in your case you need to configure the MAX On-The-Go to connect to your public IP address You will then need to configure the router in front of the Balance 210 to port forward TCP port 32015 and UDP 4500 (default) to the WAN IP of the Balance 210.

Also, make sure you are not using the same LAN IP scheme on the 210. By default it is 192.168.1.x so you would want to change this to something else like 192.168.2.x

The situatoin is, that i successfully connected the routers by speedfusion technolgy.

But! The speed is very slow!
I’m trying to use the same 4g lte modems of one internet provider. If i use one of them without speedfusion it shows me 18mb/s download, and 12mb/s upload.
When i connect the second 4g modem and start speedfusion the whole speed is 1.23mb/s download and 1.7mb/s upload.
I’m trying to stream video via speedfussion and in statistic information i see, that the connection is unstabel. The speed during streaming changes great from 0,2mb/s to 1.mb/s…

Honestly, iam disapointed! I’ve bought these expensive routers to get more speed, but got less( do you haveany suggestions for this situation?

Hi Slava, you may open a support ticket here: http://cs.peplink.com/contact/support/, to further diagnose the problem.

Hey Slava privet!

First of all let me promote L2TP on WAN Peplink? When?!?!? we’ve deployed over 100 units so far but we can’t use it in Russia without L2TP modems/routers. most of this modems a pretty cheap like any SOHO class wifi routers like ASUS 66U or TPlink, Dlink Lynksys or any DDWRT/Tomato routers can do it but it becomes weakest link in this case and will be point of failure for sure.

@ Slava. Speed may vary depend on the providers crossing each others network and you can see your self how you can achieve best speeds by mapping WANs on each side.
can give you more details if needed.