WAN Jumbo Frame

Hi Peplink Support,

I have created L2 Speed Fusion. What is the Maximum MTU size can carry over the Speed Fusion? i tested only can go up to 1500, even i have check the LAN setting Jumbo frame setting. The result still the same only can go up to 1500. Please advices.


Do you have more info for this ? Jumbo Frame over WAN link ? Mostly ISP doesn’t allow that.

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do you plan to support Jumbo frames on SF connectivity between on-premises Balance router and AWS installed FusionHub?

Amazon seems to support Jumbo frames from late 2018 (Set network MTU for private virtual interfaces or transit virtual interfaces - AWS Direct Connect )

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Hello Sit , hope everything is fine on your side

Peplink support in it latest firmware build 8.4.0 build 5251 jumbo frame in speedfusion connection as i have tested in lab enviroment (setting up network card , and MTU WAN´s with a 9000 mtu)

But it seems that it not supporting it in layer 2 speefusion connection ? can you confirm this ?


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