WAN IP Setup


I just switch to a new ISP. And they have given me a “WAN LINK IP Setup”, and my local IP setup.

I am trying to figure out, how to configure my Peplink Balance

This new ISP i am switching to, assume I have a CISCO router, where I will specify the following

WAN IP at your Router End:
WAN Subnet Mask:
WAN IP at ISP Router End:

XXX.189.167.176 to XXX.189.167.191
LAN Subnet Mask:

Can anyone help to advise? This is for my 2nd WAN link. The first WAN link was simply DHCP



Base on the description given, look like “LAN IP” is the subscribed IP from the ISP while “WAN IP” the IP address used for the routing purposes. You can consider to setup the WAN2 link using the below configuration:

WAN2 Interface Setup:

Make sure NAT mapping for Outbound/Inbound Mappings are using the additional IP (LAN IP).

Thank You