WAN IP address conflict

I’m receiving in my event log for my Balance 20 version 6.2.1 notice of IP address conflict on one of the WAN ports. My ISP is asking for the specifics of how the Peplink firmware is making the determination of a conflict since his DHCP table is showing a different MAC/IP address pair for the MAC indicated in the error log conflicting with my IP address. My router’s IP is statically configured and my ISP’s network is a private 803.11b/g. We think we know the answer but confirmation allows evidence in support of how he is to proceed.


This commonly caused by network loop. Please check your connectivity between B20 and ISP router.

Thank you for the speedy reply but I need to know how the determination is made. Is it simply the comparison of the configured or DHCP-assigned IP address with the results of an ARP probe?


We have similar reported cases. Event of MAC address conflict keep showing on event log. After few rounds of troubleshooting, we have identified there is a loop on WAN side.

Thanks again for the speedy reply. Forgive my persistence but I want to make sure I fully understand. The MAC address in the log that is reported to be in conflict with my IP address is not my MAC address. Rather, it’s another client of my ISP’s. I could understand a loop causing a report of my MAC address associated with my IP address existing in the log but not another MAC address or maybe I don’t understand the ARP protocol as well as I thought.


I suggest to open ticket for us to take closer look on this.

Thank you.