WAN Interface on Cisco router

Good morning, pretty new to the product and I’m wondering if you could support me. I have 580 model which I need it only as a load balancer for 5 WANs and keep the VPN and other issues as it’s on my ISR router. I’m using Cisco router with two WAN Interfaces already configured with public IPs, so I want to move one of them to the 580 WAN1 port and keep the router configuration as it’s then I’ll add 4 additional WANs with dynamic IPs so is there any solution to do it that way.

Thank you

Drop in mode is the first thing to look at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndG1HCSkZLk
What is Drop-In Mode?

Once that is in place you can then add 4 more WAN connections to the B580 and load balance traffic from the CISCO across those links.


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Thank you Martin, I thought about the drop mode but you know it requires additional public IP which I don’t have currently.
Is the 580 has a modulation feature, if so then I can remove the ADSL modem and used it’s public IP.

Thank you again

If you need to share Drop-In IP, click on the “?” in the drop-in mode settings under: Network> LAN> Network Settings.


will try it today thanks