Wan health check failure problems


I have a Balance 20 with two WAN connections - both cable internet from the same provider. About weekly, one of the two drops out due to failing the DNS health check. I have swapped routers, cables, etc and the problem persists.

Balance 20 hardware revision 1
Running firmware **5.4.9 build 1732

**The only reliable fix is to reboot the Balance - works it every time for a couple of days.

I have tried changing to Google DNS for the health check - no improvement.
Changing to ping - no improvement.
Change to http lookup - no improvement.

Is there anything else you can suggest I try? Do I have a defective unit perhaps?


Hello Tom,

I would open a support ticket here http://cs.peplink.com/contact/support/ so the technical support team can take a look at the issue and determine the cause.


I opened a ticket, thanks for your response.