WAN health check fail

I’m having trouble with my Pepwave MAX HD2, it regularly fails the DNS test on WiFi WAN

but also sporadically the cellular DNS test fails too which makes me think its a MAX HD2 issue

I’ve tried lots of variations on the Wi-Fi WAN to get it going, then once in a while it works fine

Im picking up my corporate networks Guest Wi-Fi which is a virtual LAN isolated from the main network, my draytek 2850n is looking after DNS on this virtual LAN
and the Pepwave picks up the correct DNS addresses from the draytek OK

anyone else tried a similar connection, am i doing something wrong?

I’ve upped the DNS timeout and reduced how regular it tests the connection

any suggestions?

My MAX On-The-Go across the other side of the room works OK too

Hello Michael,
Have you attached all the antennas on HD2 provided inside the box? HD2 with and without antennas will make a huge difference.

You know this turned out to be the fix, my antennas were all attached and reported good signal strength (49dBm) however they were not out in the open because i’m doing bench testing at very short range

After moving the antennas out from the obstructions on the bench it works much better, amazing as I’m < 20M from the wireless router

always the simple things!