WAN failover delay

Dears All,

how can I increase the time delay for WAN failover to more than 2 minutes?

I want the standby link to wait for 2 minutes before it becomes connected and carry the traffic.

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Hi Bashar,

Occuring to my experience it is not possible to pinpoint a time frame of 2 minutes before the failover WAN will be active.

There is a workaround to make it possible that the failover WAN will be active after 100 sec.

Below here you will find a screenshot how to set this up.

With the settings below the Peplink will carry out a DNS lookup every 5 sec, if this one fails he will retry this for 20 times before labeling this WAN as “Down”. So after 100 Sec the Peplink will use the failover WAN.

I think this workaround will be the closest you get to the 120sec failover you want.

Let me know if this works for you!

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