Wan failed DNS Test (health check disabled)



I Have a Peplink Balance 20, actually i’m using only WAN1 Port.
I’m facing a problem that I’m loosing internet connection and get reconnected immediatly.
After I cheked the logs, I Found the message WAN1 Failed DNS test.
I disabled the health check for this WAN, but still having same probleme with with the same message in Logs.

Any suggestion what it could be ?

Thank you.


If WAN health check disabled, you should not getting the WAN1 Failed DNS test. Please open a support ticket for support team to check.



What is your WAN service (ADSL/FIBRE). If you are using ADSL bridge you will get the WAN Failed DNS test due to ISP issues. Are you running on latest Firmware on the Balance 20. Change the health check from DNS to ping and use google DNS and check if it resolve the issue.

Most of the time the happens due to ISP carriage related issues.


the WAn service is FIBER and no bridge mode.
I already changed the health check from DNS to ping whith google dns but get the same issue, then a disabled the health check, but still facing the same message in logs.


It is very unusual on a Fibre service to get a health check fail message. Can you isolate the scenario with another router. If you are getting the same error then its a ISP issue. if not you need to raise a ticket as Sit requested.


I would connect a PC directly to the internet source, and run the ping test from there. That would eliminate the Peplink router as the problem, similar to what erangagihan said about testing with another router.


I already connected a pc directly to the router and ping succes, and tested from a pc connected through the peplink and the ping pass too.

I checked the log of a friend who have the same peplink balance whith the same firmware (the latest) and i found that he hes also the same message " WAN1 failed DNS test - WAN1 disconnected - WAN1 connected" but it’s only in WAN1, the WAN2 & WAN3 are running with no error message on logs ( WAN1 services is ADSL WAN2 service is Fiber and WAN3 service is ADSL)



Do you opened the support ticket as requested ? We have never seen this issue before that WAN health check disabled still have the WAN health check logs generated. Further investigation need to perform from the device to diagnose the issue.