WAN: disconnected (WAN failed DNS test)

I have 2 WAN lines on Peplink Balance 305. One of lines gets this errors very often in a day. Please help???

Can you please share us the WAN1 & WAN2 health check defined settings for us to investigate the issue.

Beside that, can you please follow the below health troubleshooting guide to isolate the issue ?

Hi Peplink team

Wan1 (problem line)

Wan2 (normal line)

I have already disconnected Wan 1 so my system worked normally. Do you have any solution for help.
Thank you very much.

nothing for helping after got problem for product :frowning:

@Thinh_Nguyen, Sit Loong provided the troubleshooting guide below. Please follow the guide to isolate the problem.

Thank you.

Hey, if you are still having issues - perhaps try changing your health check to ping and ping your gateway. should be available since it is always the first hop in that path.

If it gets better, you may have an ISP that blocks DNS except to their servers. if not, you may have a crappy connection to that gateway.

Good luck mate