WAN "disconnected" / "connected" messages in Device Event Log

Hi all,

Since enabling email alerts on my B-710, I have noticed that WANs are (randomly) disconnecting and reconnecting throughout the day, and that there is a “No cable detected” error message showing each time a WAN has disconnects.

I have attached a screenshot from the past couple of days.

Is this normal? Does it suggest a problem with the B-710 and / or firmware 6.3?

Or does it indicate, as I suspect, that the internet connections provided by my ISP are completely shutting off from time to time?

If anyone has experience of this kind of behaviour, I would be grateful for your feedback - just in case there is something I can do to improve the situation!

Thanks, Edward

We where seeing this on a Balance ONE (6.2.2) for about the first two weeks it was installed but then it settled down and only happens once every 2-3 weeks now.

Thank you very much for your feedback, @SamuelNorris! It’s reassuring that it’s likely to improve with nothing more than time, but I wonder what causes it?!

Hi Edward,

Can you please open a support ticket here for us to further check on this ? Base on the event logs, we can only conclude this may related to the physical connection issue (No cable detected) for the WAN. We need to further diagnose from the device in-order to identify the issue.

Thank You

Hi sitloongs, and thank you very much for the follow up and offer to open a support ticket.

However, much to my surprise, I have just noticed that it appears to have sorted itself out last night at 20.38, as I haven’t received any more disconnected / reconnected messages since then! (I thought it was a bit quiet on the email front today…)

If it would be helpful for you to have a look at the B710, please let me know, but, as of this moment, the problem has disappeared!

Thanks, Edward

Hi Edward,

This should related to the physical connectivity. Please open ticket for us to take closer look.

Thank you.

Hi sitloongs

No problem at all. As requested, I’ve just opened a ticket, and look forward to hearing what you find :

[Ticket #758418] WANs disconnected / reconnected

Thanks, Edward

Hi Edward.
How long was it between this problem starting and finishing?

I honestly don’t know, @SamuelNorris, because I only managed to get Email Alerts set up on 23rd December at 13.10, which was a week after I took delivery of the B710.

I then continued to receive disconnect / connect alerts 15-30 times a day until 20.38 last night (3rd Jan)

What are you thinking?

I’ve actually just realised its still happening (nothing since midday January first though), just not been reported in IC2
We have a PepVPN running as well which doesn’t always drop out when this occurs.

Thanks for posting - that looks exactly like my Device Event Log! I wonder what it is?

What is the make and model of your ISP supplied router?
It was happening on the previous firmware for us so its not to do with the new 6.3.0

I have Wireless / Microwave Internet connections, beamed in from across the fields, so all I get in my office are ethernet cables (no ISP supplied router / modem)

Interesting idea, though… I like your investigative thinking! :slight_smile: