WAN DHCP with vlan - not connection

My Core One is connected (bridged) to a Huawei Fiber system. The default config in the ISP supplied ONT uses VLAN’s and DHCP. My replacement ONT’s (Ubiquiti) will happily connect this way too, configured as the end router device with a VLAN.

But the Peplink refuses to connect up in bridge mode using a VLAN value. It connects OK without VLAN value, but not with a VLAN set.

I have captured the WAN1 packets via the support page, and can see the DHCP Discover / Offer packets all there and going back and forth. But the Peplink refuses to accept to Offer (which is identical with or without VLAN setting). In VLAN mode the Peplink prefixes the 4 byte 802.1q vlan header to the request, but the dhcp offer packet has no vlan ID header. Is that the issue? Is the Peplink refusing to accept the DHCP offer because the vlan id is missing?



Can you please share the packet capture and the WAN interface setting screenshots here ? It’s not standard if WAN running using VLAN but receiving packet that missing the VLAN fields.


Its too many screen shots to show so, here are the filtered .pcap files, so you can load them and inspect.

In both cases, I release the the current DHCP binding, then attempt a reconnect. (this is required as the Peplink will not log packets starting with a non-connected WAN).

One file with VLAN10, and the other without VLAN. Identical except in VLAN10 file the Peplink refuses to use the Offer provided.

Edit by SitLoongs : removed the packet capture download link.

Please submit a ticket here for support team to check.

Done. Ticket #21020501

Thank you and support team will get back to you shortly.