WAN/Device/WiFI Data Usage Report mismatch


for more than a month, we piloted with Peplink MAX Transit Mini the use of WiFI connectivity for passengers with our customer. We are now trying to evaluate the monthly data usage and we have diverging statistics between the usage on WiFi and Carrier (WAN).

In terms of the WiFI report, 352 GB of data was transferred in the month of May (inControl2 → WiFi Reports → All Clients Data Usage), then from Device report 355 GB (here I understand that some additional telemetry data are added, which can be generated by Peplink itself between inControl2, etc.).

But then the Banwdith and Usage Report, which shows a total of 28 GB for the month of May, doesn’t make sense to me at all compared to the other mentioned reports (this number seems the most realistic to me, since we have a contract with a 30GB limit from our mobile operator).

!!! Please note that we use only one WAN carrier and there are no other non-WiFi devices connected to Peplink !!!

Can someone explain to me what the other 327 GB is that the WiFi and Devices Report shows?

Thanks a lot.