WAN Connectivity For Indonesia ISP

We are setting up a new client place in Indonesia, the ISP here uses Mikrotik Router, i am not sure what kind of VLAN they have inside the device but they sure are giving us a hard time.
They provided the details of the configs, i have put in all that is required but we still cant make it work
We still having issues with Internet and WAN Failed DNS Test
They given us 2 VLAN IP that i’ve put in the additional IP box, but seems like all doesn’t work
Anybody got experience on this?

@9minds Please proceed to open a support ticket here so our team can better assist you on this. Do share more details in your ticket as well, like the details that your ISP has provided you, etc.


Hi Kv_Chen,

Updates that we just received is they are using BGP, so both lines are also on BGP i think
But the 2nd line does not plays well and my traceroute ends at their internal VLAN

@9minds BGP is multicast traffic, which our WAN doesn’t support yet.