WAN connection type L2TP

I do need it WAN connection type L2TP, am I screwed?

This is a feature request we asked Peplink since 2010. PPTP/L2TP connection type for WANs.
I hope finally we could see this in the future firmwares.

Please Dev team, this is really a must have!

this is very much needed feature!!!

Can you tell us more about your application scenario?

In order for us to make use of static public ip addresses with adsl, we need to connect a L2TP session with the isp on top of the adsl.

Dear Alex ,

We have the same scenario as Cobus said with some customers. beside that a large number of customers use VPN connection to bypass Internet Filtering and to hide their IP address. So they want to assign a specific WAN for this functionality for some Internal clients. for example facebook is blocked in our country.
computers in the LAN side establish VPN connection to a foreign server ( in U.S for example ) so that they can access facebook and other blocked sites. If we could set this VPN on the WAN side , then computer clients don’t need to establish VPN connection individually.

Thanks - Hootan

Many ISP’s in Russia, Ukraine, Israel and other countries offer connection using Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. In many cases ISP provides a “local” network, where internal resources of ISP are located (ftp, forums, etc.) Also users can exchange files through “local” network by P2P programs, like Direct Connect|. Traffic in “local” network is free or not limited by speed. This is called Dual Access.

missing this feature prevented me from many installations.

Had to use openwrt which is pretty hackish in given environments.

Friends, these all make sense. We will look into it and may come back with questions. Thanks.

Hi team,

We have a question to make, when you say L2TP for ISP connections, do you mean simply (pure) L2TP or actually L2TP/IPsec? Reference: Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol - Wikipedia

Thanks for your feedback.

Same what I was refereeing to in my post.

Hi Keith. We do not require IPsec. Herewith a link to one of our ISP’s knowledgebase articles. https://support.afrihost.com/?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/365/0/how-do-i-get-a-static-ip-address-for-adsl

Sorry, my FAQ in Russian :slight_smile:

Thanks Cobus.

Hi astryukov,

No problem, please provide us your FAQ. We can use Google Translate. :slight_smile:



or have to do on every PC something like this which is not except-able in offices with more then 5 computers.

any update on this topic?

The information had been passed to our engineering team for further development. But currently, we cannot provide any time frame at this moment. We will update you if any news becomes available.