WAN Connection Setup Question

Hi. New Surf SOHO MK3 8.1.1 (HW1) and newbie to router world. When I go to Dashboard, WAN Connection Settings then click on Details, I see an IP address, default gateway IP address and 2 DNS server IP addresses that I don’t know. I did enter 2 DNS server IP addresses and they are listed under the 2 DNS IP address in the list. Are these IP addresses from my ISP? Did my Surf SOHO router talk to" my ISP’s modem to acquire this information for WAN access/connection automatically? I’m trying to understand how things work… Many thanks! BTW: I really like this router. Will never go back to consumer!

Hello and Good Day
Yes the ISP modem gave the Surf soho the Information. How is the Surf soho getting the WAN? Is it connected by Ethernet cable, USB cable, or WiFi. Our modem is connected to our Surf soho by Ethernet cable. Here is a picture of the details.

Thank you for the quick reply - much appreciated. Ethernet to modem. That is what I thought had happened. What is the priority if my ISP provider has 2 DNS server IP addresses at the top of the list and my DNS server IP addresses last? Also, your pic shows Isn’t that the default to log into the router the first time to set it up? Am I to use the router IP address in this section? I currently have 2 public DNS servers entered. The (secure) Untagged LAN and all VLANs/SSIDs also have the same DNS servers too.

I don’t use public dns, the att modem and the soho is the dns.
If you’re up and running just fine, let it be the way you have it.
I believe the modem has it’s dns going anyway. Can you see the modem dns in web. Interface?

Up and running fine. All PCs in the (Secure) Untagged LAN are using a private VPN service. All phones are using WiFi only are also using a private VPN as well.
What is the priority if my ISP provider has 2 DNS server IP addresses at the top of the list and my2 DNS server IP addresses last in the WAN Connection?