WAN Connection Access Settings - allowing addresses from addresses denied on firewall

I’m seeing a WAN connection being allowed from a source address which should be blocked by my inbound firewall rules.

My inbound rules are a default of deny all.
Additional rules allow inbound from specific locations

However on system>WAN Connection Access Settings I have
Allowed Source IP Subnets

Does the latter override the firewall?

Can anyone help?


The Web Admin settings are on the outside of the Balance Firewall. This setting will only govern who has access to the WAN IP addresses of your unit that act separate (outside) of the firewall.

So, just to confirm:
Unless I select ‘Allow access from the following IP subnets only’ external access to the WAN IP and therefore the balance router is not restricted by the firewall?

Yes you are correct, if Web Admin is selected for LAN/WAN it will have no restrictions on who can access it. Unless you have “Allow access from the following IP subnets” enabled.

Thanks. Appreciate your help.