WAN Color Identification of PEPLINk Balance 580

Good Morning, I was wondering about my Peplink Balance 580 there are port 4 used

What is the meaning of the light indicated of my WAN1 and WAN2 becomes orange the light indicated blinking while WAN3 and WAN4 become orange and green light blinking.

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Hi Ronald,

The colour is an indication for the speed.
The light is blinking when data is being transferred.


Thank you sir for your assistance. Also please help us WAN 1 - 4 Ports


How much is the speed of this device if there is no speedfusion involved.

Thank you.

The latest hardware version of the Balance 580 supports 1.5Gbps throughput.
I can’t say what speeds you should be able to get because the actual performance can vary across different networking environments.

Good Morning Sir Erik_B,

Thank you again for your kind response to this matter. I have a Peplink Balance 580 connected to TP Link Switch with Gigabit port. And my computer I use has only 100 mbps LAN Port. Is the speed vary on my TP LInk Switch or on the PC i used witch is 100mbps LAN Port?

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II am not quite sure what your question is, but it seems that your computer is the bottleneck.

If your PC only has 100MBps LAN port then you are of course limited to 100Mbps on that PC.

Hello Sir Martin,

Thank you for your information.