WAN & Cellular Interface Disable/Enable based on Geo Fencing

It would be great if the MAX BR1 and MAX Transit series supported the ability to additionally Enable/Disable the WAN or Cellular interfaces based on Geo Fencing. Currently it only allows for the Wifi AP to be disabled/enabled based on Geo Fence.

The scenario is this - MAX BR1 * modem fitted on a boat operating on cellular connectivity. This boat drops off tourists at a small island location. During busy periods of the year the mobile tower on the island (which only has one tower) gets over-subscribed giving very bad data throughput, no matter which mobile provider is used.

As the boat gets into the Geo Fence of the island, the Cellular interface should be DISABLED, flicking the traffic over to the Satellite internet connected to the MAX BR1 * WAN interface. As the boat leaved the island it should revert to the Cellular interface again.

You can configure Outbound Policy based off of geo-fence. Have you tried that?

Set OB policy based off tags and assign Outbound policies to tags. As devices move in or out of zone assign/remove tags. Have multiple policies to match the multiple tag states.

@gerhard.seyffert, the requested feature might take time for Engineering Team to review, but we think that is a possible workaround readily available, to achieve similar results:

  1. When the boat gets into the Geo Fence of the island, Satellite (WAN) will be the primary Internet
  2. When the boat leaves the island, Cellular will be the primary Internet

The proposed workaround tasks are as follow:

  1. Define the Geo-fencing for the island with Action: Device Tagging, example as below
  2. Define two OBP rules based on the 2 tags (“Enter-Island” & “Exit-Island”)

With this workaround, when then device entering the island, the Enter-Island-OBP will be triggered and setting the Satellite WAN as the primary Internet connection.

As the boat leaving the island, Geo-fencing will remove the Enter-Island-OBP and apply the Exit-Island-OBP to enforce the Cellular as the primary Internet connection.

You may want to give it a try to see if it is able to address your need.

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This is awesome, thanks for the assistance!