WAN as LAN for Balance 30 LTE

Is it possible to use one or both of the WAN ports as LAN ports? I am using the SIM card as the source of the internet. I could really use one or both of the WAN ports for other LAN devices.

If it’s possible, how do I enable it?

Also, are any of the ports on the BPL-031-LTE-US-T capable of POE? I purchased a AP AC One Mini from Amazon and would like to know how to use PoE function? It doesn’t seem to power it when solely plugged in via ethernet.



WAN as LAN is available on Balance 305 and above.

POE doesn’t support in Balance’s family. You may need a POE switch (Unmanaged switch will do) or power on AP AC One Mini directly from the adapter.

Thanks. Any plans to add WAN as LAN to Balance 30 LTE? Seems a fair trade off due to the low number of ethernet ports on that model.


I will move this thread to feature request for product team to take consideration.

Thank you.

Thank you. Since it’s marketed as a LTE router, seems like a reasonable request to use the SIM slot for the connection, and the WAN ports as LAN ports.