WAN and USB failing health checks and disconnecting

I am experiencing frequent WAN and USB disconnects on the Soho (latest firmware, 7.1.0 build 1284) to the point where my new Surf Soho MK3 is unusable. I also have an unusual setup. The Soho is connected to a managed switch which is in turn connected to a dual WAN router (not a Peplink). It is failing when the Soho is configured for a DNS check. It is failing when it is configured to Ping (

I’ve run a Windows ping test to at the same time through another port on the managed switch (out to the same WAN) and not seen a single failure while the Soho is disconnecting and then reconnecting. I’ve also swapped cables to eliminate cable failure as a candidate (I never receive No Cable Detected).

The only thing out of the ordinary is that I see the CPU load jumping up to 80-100% quite often even though there isn’t anything going on other than the disconnects and reconnects.

Does anyone have any idea why this would be happening?

FYI, this is a problem that apparently others may be experiencing. For instance, here is Nov 2017 comment on Amazon for the Balance One.

“I live in a rural area with OLD DSL service. That being said, I cannot use my DSL through this router because it does not pass the health test even though it works just fine via wifi or direct connect to my laptop. Peplink apparently scrutinizes the connection to the point of labeling it bad and constantly saying the link is down whereas again, my wifi and direct connect to the same modem works just fine.
I was content with dealing with this issue, since I knew that my DSL service was mediocre at best but it appears now that Peplink also thinks that my Excede satellite service is flaky and constantly says that the link is dead but once again, I can connect just fine directly to that modem or via wifi.”

Solved: The Peplink Surf Soho doesn’t like the WAN subnet to be the same as an internal LAN/VLAN subnet.

This is true of many routers even though NAT is involved.

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OK, so the Peplink Surf Soho doesn’t like the WAN subnet to be the same as an internal LAN/VLAN subnet. Could you please tell us what you did to actually fix the problem?
Thanks, Dave

Hi Daking,

for example if you have your Peplink Router behind another Router and your LAN Address is and your WAN IP is, than you run into this problem.

To solve this you can do two things

  1. Change the Network Scope on the “Master-Router”
  2. Change the Network Addressrange of your Peplink Router to e.g. 192.168.12.x

I hope this helps