WAN Analysis - not really useful!

I’m trying to understand our ISP performance - if we are receiving the performance our contract indicates we should. This is a landline - not cellular.

Site A. The WAN Analysis server. Running a Windows-based performance tool, this site can download over +500Mb/s (as expected)

Site B. The test target. I want to test its upload speed. so, run WAN Analysis upload test to Site A. Upload on B, download on A (which can download >500Mb/s)

The issue. a single stream will not saturate the demand. I’ve set up all 8 streams, but the 8th stream is still adding performance - I can’t add any more streams, and I don’t think this test is showing the actual limit of the ISP.

I have no idea what the max performance is?

Anyone know how to add more streams? Change the transfer size? create more demand?

and this is a single stream.

Try UDP and specify the speed.

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hmm. nice. i guess UDP is may be a better way to test one-way bandwidth anyway. Thanks.