WAN Access BR1 MIni via user defined port HTTPS

I see under “System/Admin Security/Security/Web Admin Access and Web Admin Port” that I can allow access via HTTP to a user defined port, but not HTTPS.

I like to stay away from the first 10,000 ports when possible when I define ports for other usage.

I’d like to be able to allow web admin access via HTTPS, but with a user definable port.

Is there a way to do that?

Thank You!

Its a shared port setting for both HTTP and HTTPS

So this works fine:

Yep that is possible LAN side…looking at doing that WAN side via the Public Static IP…define the HTTPS port via the WAN side…

Never mind got it…thought the 443 port was not definable…I was able to change it and save it.

443 appeared to be greyed out like you can’t change it. Or maybe I just have really poor vision at my advanced age (which is possible). Regardless I have set up admin access via HTTPS for LAN/WAN using a port in the 60,000+ range. And I have consumed yet another energy drink; so live is good! Thanks for the help!


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