Walled Garden - Identify client per Hostname

Hey guys,

we are currently working on a public wifi hotspot solution with Peplink devices and its open access feature in captive portals.
We do need a CaptivePortal on this hotspot due to GDPR regulations.

We have some clients that do not support displaying a captive portal. However, we want these devices to be able to log on to the network.

All devices are identifing itself with different MAC address (vendor), but with the same hostname.
The host name looks like this: "Manufacturer_Model
e.g.: “Peplink_AP_Pro”

Is it possible to configure the CaptivePortal with WalledGarden that all devices with hostname manufacturer are automatically signed in?

Similar to the existing feature with individual MAC addresses.



maybe @TK_Liew can say something about that.
This make sense in your application.


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Can you elaborate more on this? How the hostname of the devices can be showed/identified in Manufacturer _ Model?

May I know how many vendor devices in the Walled Garden that need internet access without signing in to the Captive Portal?


Since I am unfortunately not allowed to talk about this topic in public, I will tell you more about this scenario via PM.