Wake-On-LAN edit the list of stored devices

First off, thanks for adding this great feature.

My list of stored devices is long and will grow longer in the future. The list includes devices that will never again be on my network. Please let me delete devices from the WakeOnLan list of those previously seen.

Thank you.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for bringing up this. We will look into this. I do agree the devices that disconnected from network should be removed from Wake-On-LAN list. Disconnected devices should be removed automatically, this is our initial planning.

Thank you.


I think Wake-On-LAN is Ethernet only, so perhaps the list should just show devices that have been Ethernet connected in the past. It appears to now include Wi-Fi only devices.

As for automatically deleting devices, I can’t imagine a formula that would work. I wouldn’t think that a router could possibly know which devices are currently powered off yet still connected via Ethernet.

For a first cut, the current approach is very good, in that it shows devices names in addition to MAC addresses. Thanks for that.


I want full edit capability. I want to manually add devices and have them remembered. I want to assign an alias name that I can recognize.
Thanks Paul