W-Lan Controller - Max 700

Just purchased two Max Mobile 700s, does the W-LAN controller feature work on the these? Is it the same functionality as the balance (i.e. 2 Pepwave APs for testing without a license)?

How much would a license cost for additional Pepwave AP support?

The WLAN Controller feature is not supported on the MAX700 yet. However, there is a high power 802.11n 2x2 AP on the MAX700. I guess you are looking for connecting more APs to the network. Can you tell us more about your deployment plan?

The Wifi on the Max 700 works great; however, one of the two locations is an older building with sturdy (thick) walls (Aircraft Hanger). The Max 700 is located in the center of the offices for our long building and we’re hoping to expand Wifi coverage down the hall in both directions (one AP to the left and one to the right)…and maybe one day cover our entire facility of multiple buildings (mesh networking?).

For now it’d be GREAT if we could manage all three APs from one location with one interface (3 APs being the Max 700, and two new AP Ones).

Does InControl control the Max 709’s Wifi AP?

InControl will support the control of the MAX 700’s Wi-Fi AP with the release of firmware 5.4 (InControl/Cloud manageability). The firmware will be GA in 2 months.