VSAT don't get internet through MAX HD2 WAN connection

I have a problem with a MAX HD2 where I have connected GSM internally, externally Mobile data modem on Wan 1 and VSAT on Wan2.
I do not get internet through the VSAT interface, it takes a few pings, but then it stops completely, no data traffic goes through.
When I connect to the same VSAT port in the VSAT switch, the traffic goes perfectly, but not through the HD2 device.
A static IP corresponding to the VSAT switch is set. and GW
When I ping from HD2, it pings on all mobile interfaces, but not on VSAT on WAN 2
Does anyone understand what is wrong with the layout.

Bdr. Idar Flø

Does the HD2 mark the connection as down / red on the dashboard when you lose connectivity?

What health check are you using on WAN2? I would suggest you change it to ping with the VSAT modem as the target.

The connection is green when on priority and yellow when stand by, I changed the health check to ping the GW address on Host 1 and then the light become red, added Host 2 to, now I can ping www.google.com in the tools.
The WAN 2 light is swiching between red and yellow, WAN failed ping test

What does the event log say? Does it just say health check failed or are there any other messages there?

I’ll try to find information from event log when the wessel is online again, i asume that tey have disconnected the VSAT and bypassed so they have some communication directly from the VSAT modem.

I think I see the problem…

According to your screenshot you have the same subnet assigned to vlan 20 - admin as the VSAT, both are this is likely causing you some routing table issues.

Can you get the vsat modem changed to another subnet to remove the conflict and test again?