VRRP with only WWAN

Hello Peplink Team,

I have an application and I wanted to confirm if my understanding was correct on how VRRP could be applied in this case. The application needs redundancy from a hardware perspective and will use channel bonding per unit. There is no WAN in this case only a LAN sending a video feed. I read through the VRRP section of the user’s guide and I believe this configuration would work. I have a dedicated port for the VRRP between the units and there’s a switch connecting both WAN ports (configured as LAN ports) used.

The intention in this case would be to channel bond both wireless links and use FEC to ensure the best link stability. the overall data rate is <10Mbps.

I think in this configuration i should expect that it takes about 15s to hand over to the slave, is that right? Is it possible to reduce this time at the expense of bandwidth?