VRRP and PBR Features

Hi Peplink team and everybody,
I’d like to share with you one problem we’ve met.
I’ve had some setups so far, like below (depicted just 2 sites for clarity) and customers think high really.

My Setup:

  • Balances are set to Master and Cisco routers are set to Slave.
  • All the time, Balance uses Internet for forwarding traffic and I use Cisco for backup and/or some specific hosts to use.

My requirements:

  • High Availability capability (VRRP).
  • Policy Based Routing for traffic management/control (Like Outbound Policy for LAN –> WAN traffic)

Problems (I couldn’t solve):

  • Due to lack of Policy based routing (PBR) on LAN (Balance not Cisco’s), I cannot manage outgoing traffic wisely.
  • I’ve found that Outbound Policy doesn’t work for forwarding LAN traffic other than via S2S VPN Interfaces.
  • We cannot set Balance to Slave for It will disable all WANs and go to (hot) standby.

Proposals: (just only one of the following).

  1. Option to make Slave Balance to continue forwarding traffic (Enable all WANs): So that One can take advandtage of Cisco router to manage traffic.
  2. PBR features added to Static route on LAN menu: Then Balance can manage traffic well.
  3. Outbound Policy: Adding feature to be able to route LAN traffic to WAN (in Forwarding mode). So Balance can use MPLS and S2S VPN via the Internet connections wisely.
  4. (Dynamic routing support (RIPv2 and/or OSPF including Route Redistribution features are enough)) - Low priority.

It’ll be wonderfull if the problem should be solved! :slight_smile: .

Thanks Bao, I am going to route this to feature request, we will evaluate it further.

I agree to have this feature.