VRRP and firmware updating

When two routers are in VRRP mode, what’s the proper way to update the firmware on both devices? Should the peplinks be kept in VRRP mode during the update?

Last night, I updated the master from 6.2.1 to 6.2.2 and then unchecked High Availability as I was thinking that I would then need to go to the slave and update it. That was not the right thing to do as the Peplinks each wanted to become master and things went crazy. Eventually, I was able to find 1 of the 5 network drops to be active in the master and re-enabled High Availability and things came back to life.

So now the master has the new firmware and the slave is on the older hardware. I guess all I need to do is go to the slave while it is still in VRRP and update it’s firmware?

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When upgrading future firmware:

  1. Disable config sync
  2. Upgrade Slave
  3. Upgrade Master
  4. Enable config sync
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Thank you.

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