VRF support toward the LAN side

On FusionHub we need to extend the VRF from the SF tunnel side to the LAN side, its very urgent requirement for a cloud provider that is providing Peplink SD-WAN as a services to his customers.

kindly advise if this feature is doable?


Not sure I understand. Are you asking for VRF on the LAN of the remote physical devices?

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Please provide the detail network diagram for your requirements else it’s difficult for us to advice here.

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The cloud provider need to segregate his customers and assure that each VRF from the WAN/SF side can be extended to his internal network (in the DC side).

e.g. customer A’ will have his A’ VRF on the FH and all his branches will be route to a specific LAN subnet with the same A’ VRF and for sure will not get any routing update or having any connectivity with the other customers.
In the current situation the FH is only supporting VRF only to segregate the SF tunnels but when its come to the LAN side I believe all of them is have the same access to the LAN side, which is not accepted by the cloud provider.
I learned that Velocloud is having upto 18 VRF now on the LAN sideand they are going to increase this number shortly so customer/cloud provider is pushing us to have this feature very soon, otherwise his top management might decide to move to Velocloud solution.
hope that the description is clear enough,

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