VPN using HD2

Looking for a bit of guidance and advice please as I’m pretty stuck with this, apologies if in the wrong forum:

We have a vehicle that is fitted with a satellite, modem and a Pepwave Max HD2 E236.

Previously we have used a Cisco 5505 ASA to create a VPN tunnel back to our VPN concentrator however this has not been very successful as the tunnel is bottlenecking and we only get around 1MB download and even less upload.

So we were advised by the supplier of the Satellite to use the Pepwave router to create our VPN connection instead of the Cisco device.

However we are having great difficulty in getting the connection up and running and we are unsure if we are entering the correct settings or if we need another piece of hardware

Can anyone advise

Thanks in advance

Hi Adamdo,

I think this would be a good application of the SpeedFusion VPN which would need something on the non-vehicle/station side. More information on SpeedFusion can be found here

I hope this helps, let me know if there’s other concerns.