VPN Tunnel

Is it possible to create a vpn tunnel on a Peplink Balance 20. We have two office locations, each has a Balance 20. Can a vpn be created and if so, how?

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Yes, you can certainly build a VPN between the two locations using your Peplink devices.

The simplest VPN to configure is probably the PepVPN.

Do you know the types of WAN connection you have at each site, does at least one of the sites have a WAN with a static public IP address?

Assuming you have a single WAN on each site with a public IP the following basic config should be enough to bring a tunnel up, bear in mind each site will need a unique LAN subnet, if they overlap the tunnel will not establish without adding NAT or other work arounds.

From the GUI on each router you can configure the necessary PepVPN profiles (Network > VPN > SpeedFusion)

On Site A & B:
Configure the Local PepVPN ID to something meaningful, in my examples this would be the following:


On Site A Peplink:
Add a new VPN profile and call it “Tunnel-To-Site-B”

On Site B Peplink:
Add a new VPN profile and call it “Tunnel-To-Site-A”

After that if you go to Status > SpeedFusion you should see the tunnel profile and hopefully it will come up and list the remote subnets.

There is a bit more configuration to consider beyond just establishing the tunnel, but this should get you going.

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