VPN-Tunnel Network Design

For example: we have two networks production and office. Office ist the Untagged LAN and production is vLAN_50. What is the best approach to have access from an external client to both networks via a VPN Tunnel?

Your question raises lots more questions - Its always best to draw these kind of questions I think.

Do you already have Peplink gateways at the two locations?

Best in what way? This will likely depend a little on what the connectivity is at each site. Typically I would have a Peplink as the gateway at each site, build a VPN between the locations, then do remote user access to site A. Once connected to site A then can route to site B over the existing tunnel.

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Yes we have B30 and SOHO. I like the way you do it. How would you route to site B when you are on site A?
I have already build a VPN between B30 and SOHO.

If you create a VPN session to site A and send all your traffic to it as the gateway then any attempt to access Site B will route through over the site to site PepVPN.

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