Vpn to specific LAN/VLAN



I have a setup with a peplink balance router with DHCP on several VLANs. Now I would like to have a VPN connection to one of the VLANs. I manage to get a vpn connection to the default Lan, but I don’t know where I can let it route to another vlan. Is this even possible? Where should I do that?





By default all routes all learned through OSPF when then tunnel established. By default you should already be able to access the VLAN’s across the VPN. If the VLAN is not setup in the Balance, ensure that you have a (local) static route created so the Balance can add that network to it’s routing table.


Well, I really don’t have any idea of how to do this… If possible, can one off you pro’s show me what I need to fill in?

Device: Peplink Balance 20Firmware: 6.2.1 build 2992

There is only a single WAN active (with a static IP)

In the LAN Section I have 5 LANs:

LAN VLAN Network
Main None
Network A 2
Network B 3 Network C 4
Network D 5

If I connect with the VPN I would like to end up in Network A (So with a 192.168.2.x IP Address). Now I endup in the Main LAN.

Thanks in advance!



Hi Bart,

The VPN you are referring to is PPTP, L2TP/IPSec? If so, please ensure Inter-VLAN routing (Network > Network Settings > Select Vlan > Network Settings) is enabled on each Vlan. Another thing, please ensure no Deny rule in Internal Firewall (Network > Access Rules > Internal Network Firewall Rules).

Hope this help.


It would be tremendously helpful to be able to have clients connect to a specific VLAN, because in our situation, we are hosting multiple clients data behind a single Peplink device, and each client wouldn’t be authorized to see each other’s data.


We target to support this in v6.4.0. Stay tuned!


That’s great news! Any chance we could get a time estimate on 6.4.0? Is that likely to be released before end of 2016?


No ETA at the moment. We are rushing for the v6.3.3 now and it will be available very soon. v6.4.0 will be the next release after v6.3.3. The schedule of v6.4.0 is depending on the customer’s feedback on v6.3.3.

We hope v6.4.0 to be available by year-end. :slight_smile:



Is 6.4 still going to happen now for Balance 380 version 5?


The next firmware release for v6.3.3 is v7.0.0. Anyway, the feature to be implemented in v6.4.0 will be available in v7.0.0. Please find this link for more detailed on the supported model for v7.0.0. Back to this topic. This feature is available now. Please find the screenshot below.


The link says that Balance 380 version 5 will NOT be supported for v7, only 6.x maintenance. So will there be a 6.4 as a maintenance release with this feature for PepVPNs?


New feature only available in v7.0.0 and above. We will do firmware 6.x maintenance releases as needed.


I have problems with access from L2TP/VPN to LAN. In my request I found this post (Screenshot). I dont have definied VLANs. In my list of connected networks only can find “Default”. An option like “untagged LAN” doesn’t exist. Is that right?



Can you share the model and firmware of the unit you are using? Or do you apply the changes before checking out this option?


Of course:


We have feedback here.

This is the expected behavior since you didn’t define Vlan.