VPN to Microsoft Azure

Hey all, I am trying to set up a policy-based (static route, IKEv1) IPSec VPN to an Azure network, however cannot get it connected. As I understand Azure does in fact support IKEv1, as long as you are not using dynamic routing. Can someone confirm the settings for this to work?

Also, do I need to add static route info under “Network > LAN > Static Route Settings”? Because I have the VPN all set up according to the Azure guidelines for a polcy-based VPN, however it is still not working. I am wondering if I need to add something under the static route settings.



For IPSEC issue, we need to further check from the device in-order to confirm the issue.

Found that you had open a support ticket for the same request. We will follow-up with you using the support ticket and this will allow us to check from device and also verify the IPSEC VPN settings defined for the Azure network.

Thank you