VPN Status = Packet drop

What can be causing this packet drop?

Peplink don’t cause any packet drop. It is a problem with the WAN connection. You can talk to your provider if you are having an abnormally high packet loss rate.

Hi Kurt, thanks reply.

I contacted my ISP and did all the tests to see if the link was losing packets and was not evidenced.
The CPU usage of Peplink influences the packet loss and latency of traffic?
My PepLinks are constantly using the CPU> = 46%.

46% or 71% CPU load is not alarming. Should not be influencing packet loss at this usage. We could try directly connecting this Internet link to a laptop or PC and perform packet loss tests? Some connections experience a surge in packet loss rate when under high usage so we want to make sure the link is in good usage when inspecting for packet loss too.

Mind to share us what kind of traffic passing through the Balance 380?


I will do this test by plugging a laptop directly in the Link and Testing.


This link have file sharing, HTTP, SQL, SAP and most delicate of all, SIP and IAX for Voip.

Hi peplink team,

I’ve enabled the remote Assistance in both PepLink 380 to support team connect.

During high usage, the increase in CPU Load is normal. As Kurt mentioned, 46% or 71% CPU load is not alarming.

Any chance to connect a laptop directly to the Internet link and perform packet loss tests?

Hi Murilo,

I see you have opened up a support ticket for the issue. We are looking into this and will update the ticket soon.

Ron Case,

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I’ve updated by mail.